I would venture to guess that everybody has a minimum of one piece corporate branded apparel or a promotional branded product, be it a jersey with a fun graphic and logo of your favorite playground or a notepad and pen from your company.  I’m sure you remember it now..you know the really nice weatherproof winter coat that came in so handy this past winter….or that stash of pens in the drawer in the kitchen.  Your closet is perhaps jam-packed with a lot of advertising and branding that you never even noticed when you think about it!

Ever wonder why organizations offer to give so much quality products and consumer goods away? It is because corporate apparel and branded merchandise happen to be an extremely effective method of generating brand recognition!  As a matter of fact, within the U.S. shirts happen to be the second most common item given away. All in the hopes of cementing a positive impression of a brand or message to influence your preferences…and right behind shirts in the number one position is writing instruments (truly what respectable company doesn’t have a branded pen?).


You could additionally contend that outerwear, luggage and bags act often as a part of corporate wardrobe as an {unspoken} “wear” it for or be carrying it for all to see. Promotional consumer goods and apparel are the single most ideal item given away to attract people to your brand and build engagement and awareness.  The reason that customized product is super well-liked is that folks actually appreciate it after they receive it, wear it and keep it. As a matter of fact, in the 2014 ASI Impressions Study they found that quality was most important reason for keeping a promotional item. And what’s not useful about consumer goods and clothing? Of all the “wearable” or usable stuff from cool kitchen accessories to tech, and from safety to mobile, bags, hats, outerwear and shirts they were all listed as part of the most important way to influence decision making by associating your brand with name brands showing them your brand is for quality.

It is the one thing to make sure you include when evaluating your promotional programs and your goals for promoting and marketing your whole brand.  A recent study indicates, apparel may be a huge win for using and keeping an item and it doesn’t need to be high priced. In fact many times you can pay about the same as retail. As a matter of fact, the study found that fifty seven percent of U.S. consumers that receive a promotional shirt have a strong favorable opinion regarding the brand as a result.

However, remember, quality is vital as you’re yet again reinforcing your brand perception and brand image with what you’re giving away to your customers and prospects. You don’t want them to launder it and have it crumble, crack, or look bad, do you? Since the study additionally found that shirts are held onto an average of 6.3 months and even a bit longer luggage and bags at 7.4 months. Making this a proven solid investment in your brand for your marketing dollars!

createco-nike-adiddas-ogio-brandsThere are several custom apparel and branded merchandise products available for you to get for less than $5.00 which will suitably represent you and your brand.. Of course, customers and prospects love those brand names. So get the best if your budget is able to afford it and the promoting event/need warrants it, get a leading, household brand. Nike Golf, OGIO, Hanes, Gildan, Jerzees, Russell, Eddie Bauer, Adidas, Badger Sport, Champion, Bella, american apparel and so many more are on the market for your programs.

Another thought is that the method you embellish your apparel and products. A silkscreen imprint is what you see on most T-shirts. Fun, cool graphics that can catch attention and will happily encourage them to wear it a lot of times and maybe even hand it down to another one day, having very many more of your prospects seeking and seeing your message. Embroidery or other Imbellishment attire is the choice and shoud be the first choice for your collared shirts, those for casual Friday’s, trade shows, golf tournaments and at all of your customers too! It is pretty easy to understand when you think about it.

I am certain you’ve clearly seen several of the wildly colorful or photographic looking shirts with all-over graphics that are popular and seem to be everywhere nowadays. These are usually either a digital direct to print or a dye-sublimation print on the garment. Keep in mind the substrate itself is extremely important for those processes.

Just keep in mind that this can be your brand that individuals are sporting so make certain the promotional and corporate apparel shows your brand effectively together with your message also because the color, design, style, feel and quality of the item.

Now that you know it is important…stimulate ideas with this excellent TEDx Talk on branding!