Customers are the lifeblood of any business.  Here are 3 common mistakes (and tips to correct them) that a lot businesses are making today in their efforts to build brand loyalty.

1.  Failing to make going mobile a priority.

FICO (the credit score people) recently released statistics on bank loyalty.  In that study 82% of mobile banking app users are satisfied with their bank, compared with only 71% among those who do not use a mobile banking app.  Even if you didn't go to business school you know the first rule of business:  location, location, location.  To be successful every business needs to be where there customers are and that is on their mobile devices.  You do not have to build a Top 10 App on iTunes but you do have to be accessible.  If you are not available but your competitor is then who do you think will get that business?  Don't believe me or think it doesn't apply to your business because "we are b2b" or "my customers are older and not familiar with technology?"  Well, according to a recent survey at least 75% of you will have trouble remembering the last time you weren't playing on your phone while using the bathroom.

2.  Not using social media correctly.

What to share and what not to share?  That is the burning question to answer.  Not sharing is not even an option.  When 72% of consumers say social media helps them stay more engaged with brands how can you justify not making social a priority in your overall marketing strategy?  Social media can be fairly intimidating.  The most common reasons people quit social engagement with brands is due to irrelevant content, too many posts, and too boring.  Be professional but interesting.  Focus on QUALITY ENGAGEMENT NOT QUANTITY.  Let the conversation happen by interacting with customers...think about it like this -- if you want better brand engagement then engage with your customers by listening and discussing.

3.  Failing to integrate your traditional marketing with digital marketing. 

I wrote a post on "combined campaigns" a while back because it is the "it" of marketing this year.  When I started my first company I built it was built on this model but I called it integrated marketing since it hadn't been coined as a combined campaign yet. That was way back in 2008.  It is pretty simple really, this is nothing more than taking the time to make your printed sales flyers coordinate with your social media and radio advertising with a consistent quality across the mediums.  The fact is that everything from your brand's logo to your brands product, people, locations, website, social media, events and beyond needs to be consistent with who you are and who you strive to be as a brand.  Creating a feeling that is consistent with your customers builds trust.  If you want a professional grade image for your brand then associate it with professional grade products, promotions, and digital assets.   Would Porche ever give away a throw-away cheap tee shirt as a promotion? No!