For those of you in businesses, groups, or non-profits looking to increase brand engagement, you have already or will very soon come across the term "combined campaigns."  It is the next "it" in marketing for 2015 and the buzz has begun.

What is a combined campaign?  A combined campaign is a multi-channel campaign designed to generate favorable, or a series of favorable, responses from a targeted audience. When well executed, combined campaigns yield increased engagement, drive more network traffic and provide results that are dramatically more effective.

Increase the value of each impression by precision targeting your target market. This strategy enables you to focus on sub-targeted markets with precision accuracy.  Interact with customers on a higher level and they will appreciate you not wasting their time or your own.

Place, Product, Price and Promotion form the foundation of marketing.  The 4 P's of Marketing are taught on the first day of any graduate or undergraduate marketing education.  This emerging strategy makes a lot of sense.  You are talking to your targeted market at their place.  

Single channel advertising as the benchmark is dead.  Be on the front end of this trend to capture the rewards of what's next before your competitors!





Lets brainstorm together on this trend....give me some thoughts or questions you have on this emerging trend by commenting!